Wireless Alarms

RICOCHET wireless technology

RICOCHET wireless alarms provide a high levels of security for your property without the need for hard-wired connections. Wireless monitors across your home communicate with each other to ensure that every inch of your home is continuously protected.


With a RICOCHET wireless alarm system, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is protected around the clock. RICOCHET is perfect for large homes or commercial properties. We can help you determine what system is right for you and install it at your property to the highest standards.


Extended range

RICOCHET wireless technology allows you to extend the range between devices, ensuring coverage of even the largest homes or commercial properties.

Increased reliability

The RICOCHET mesh network technology reliably and securely transmits signals, minimising the risk of false alarms and maximising system effectiveness.

Easy installation

Because it’s wireless, installation is quick and easy without the need for drilling holes or running cables, resulting in minimal disruption to your property.

Optimal Flexibility

RICOCHET is highly flexible for both residential and commercial, allowing for easy expansion or modification as required.


The most advanced diagnostics tool is the PC-based RICOCHET Monitor software. This software, when installed on a laptop and connected to a RICOCHET enabled wireless expander, provides greater visibility and control over the wireless system performance than ever before.


From a simple, intuitive menu screen all device statuses are available at a glance, with clear graphics highlighting signal performance. Device attributes can be configured and distributed across the network in seconds thanks to an innovative ‘global poll’ function that communicates to all devices seamlessly.

Where the RICOCHET Monitor software really excels is with the graphical representation of the mesh-networking system. The system literally ‘comes alive’ when the graphical function is selected.


Each device is shown on screen, in real-time, placed according to where the device communicates across the network. It is instantly visible and clear which routes communication signals are taking the overall network performance is demonstrated.


With the power of the graphical user interface, even complex systems can be diagnosed simply, providing confidence that the communication platform is robust and reliable.

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