Closed Circuit Television

CCTV is an essential security tool in today’s society, but with so many products on the market, it can be hard to know which system is right for you. At ICU2 Security, we have extensive knowledge of CCTV products and integrations, enabling us to find the right system to suit your needs.


We partner with leading manufacturers, including Sony, Panasonic, and Pelco to offer effective CCTV solutions with high-quality, crisp images. Features include advanced storage capabilities, recording functionality and networking and retrieval mechanisms.  We also provide after-sales support, monitoring, and maintenance services to ensure the success of your CCTV system.


Let ICU2 Security help you protect your business with our free, no-obligation quote.


Prices start at £675 including VAT

CCTV Options

Design & Specification

Cameras, Infrared & ANPR

Full installation and support

Stand alone & Integrated systems

Digital recorders, multiplexers & controls

Monitoring & maintenance

Off Site Monitoring

Our bespoke CCTV systems are available with 24/7 off-site monitoring. Specially-trained operators at remote monitoring stations provide a rapid response in case of any incident.


Equipped with a PA or warning system, if the noise isn’t enough of a deterrent, the monitoring centre will alert the key-holder and emergency services, as required.


Prices start at £40 incl VAT per month (includes annual maintenance)

CCTV Remote Access

CCTV remote access allows you to view and manage your security cameras from anywhere that has an internet connection. This means you can monitor your property in real-time and review recorded footage from anywhere in the world, quickly responding to security incidents or alarms for total peace of mind.


At ICU2 Security, we not only design and install remote access CCTV but also provide you with full training, so you can confidently manage your new system.

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