Redwall V PIR Sensors

CCTV Passive Infrared (PIR) uses infrared technology to detect movement and trigger CCTV cameras. It’s an essential tool for surveillance systems, as it can detect intruders and activate cameras to capture footage of the event. A CCTV PIR system can work in a variety of conditions, including low-light environments, and can be adjusted to cover different areas. It’s an effective tool for improving the security of homes, businesses, and other properties.


At ICU2 Security, we recommend the Redwall V series for home or small business use. The Redwall V 3020, 4010 and 404 are PIR motion sensors, specifically designed for use in small- to medium-sized outside areas. With durable construction and trusted reliability, these PIR models are ideal for remote-monitored CCTV systems.


  • Intelligent PIR Detection System
  • Detection of ambient temperature and illuminance for automatic sensitivity management
  • Advanced detection algorithm
  • Three dual pyro-elements with patented Double Conductive Shielding
  • BS 8418 Compliant
  • Anti-vandalism functions
  • Anti-rotation function with 3-axis accelerometer
  • Anti-masking function with photo-beam
  • Reinforced polycarbonate housing
  • Max. 4m (13ft.) installation height
  • Independent sensitivity selector for near/far areas
  • Detection logic selector
  • Detection range selector
  • Independent N.C. and N.O. outputs
  • Adjustable alarm interval time



  • SIP-3020 – 30 x 20m (100 x 65ft.)
  • SIP-4010 – 40 x 10 m (130 x 33 ft.)
  • SIP-404 – 40 x 4 m (130 x 13 ft)


50m Perimeter CCTV PIR Detector

The D-Tect50 is a high-performance CCTV PIR detector designed to provide reliable and accurate intrusion detection for large outdoor areas. It can detect movement up to 50 meters away using PIR technology to alert you when it senses any intrusion and trigger alerts. The detector is also compatible with most CCTV systems, allowing you to easily integrate it into your existing security setup.

D-Tect3 (Quad PIR & Microwave)
Triple Technology External Detector

The D-Tect3 is an outdoor security system that uses three different types of sensors (infrared, microwave, and quad PIR) to detect intruders. With a 30m range, it can detects movement to trigger an alarm or sends a signal to a monitoring station. It can distinguish between small animals and people, reducing the number of false alarms. The system is designed to work in all weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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