ABS Euro-Locks

Lock Snapping – what is the Solution?

The majority of UK homes can be broken into in less than a minute thanks to lock snapping. 


Burglars have discovered what the locksmith and hardware industry have known for years – the weak point of most doors is the cylinder lock. Lock snapping is a common method used in burglaries as it can be done quickly and quietly with basic tools.


A burglar can apply force to the cylinder until it snaps in half, allowing the burglar to access the locking mechanism and easily open the door. It is particularly effective against euro cylinder locks, which are commonly used in many homes.

Modern ASB locks stop burglars in their tracks and prevent unwanted entry. 


We have tested the majority of security cylinders and handles on the market, using very basic methods, and found them severely lacking. Instead, we recommend ABS Euro Locks – a secure, anti-snap euro lock.


Upgrading your old cylinder lock is a simple measure you can take to help prevent forced entries. ABS Euro Locks are three star rated locks that work to prevent burglars from gaining entry into your home. These are engineered to snap, but without compromising the lock.

See what happened when Bez and Shifty, our two local burglars, came across ABS Secure Locks!

“It’s not like the others!”

“It’s different!”

They’ve done the rest…

But next time they see the ABS logo…

..they’ll just move on!

Why didn't I know about this already?!

The inefficiencies of standard locks aren’t well talked about, and we can see why some people would want to keep it quiet. After all, authorities don’t want to raise the general population’s fear of crime or cause panic. However, with cylinder locks being involved in a growing number of burglaries, we believe the public should be made aware in order to take necessary steps to upgrade their security.


Products with the Kitemark or Secured by Design stamp of approval may give a sense of safety, but they don’t necessarily cover cylinder snapping. We recommend ABS Euro Locks to all of our clients, as it’s what we use in our own homes.

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