Whether protecting pedestrians, a storefront, or preventing unauthorised vehicle access, bollards help create a secure area within a premise without high costs or the need for an electrical supply. 

For areas with limited access, we recommend FAAC CITY bollards which have a piston mechanism enabling them to be raised and lowered on command. These semi-automatic bollards can withstand impact and extreme weather events. They are activated with a key and retract into compartments set into road surfaces to control traffic or parking.


FAAC CITY bollards don’t require any electronic control equipment or electrical setups. The bollard is raised and lowered by a gas piston fitted inside, making it ideal for spaces where electrical connection isn’t possible.

For areas of frequent access, consider installing the automatic version of the FAAC CITY: the FAAC CITY K275 H7000. Specifically designed to meet stricter security requirements, the K series unit has a higher impact resistance than the standard FAAC CITY. It works on a hydraulic drive, though it does require electrical power to operate.


The automatic bollard is activated by a signal from an access control device and is powered by a hydraulic system housed in the ground. The control board allows a maximum of 10 bollards to operate simultaneously.

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