Welcome to the CAMEsafe Website

Welcome to the CAMESAFE Site

The 2011 CAMESAFE Installer Certificate is a new accreditation for all installers of gate and barrier automation systems. Designed around meeting the UK safety laws in relation to automated entranceways, the certificate provides a real understanding of the requirements and enables individuals and companies a new level of automation safety.

For Installers

The automatic gate, barrier and entrance way industry in the UK is becoming increasingly concerned with safety & for very good reason. Numerous unfortunate, avoidable accidents have made headlines in the past 5 years.

We believe that the CAMESAFE Certificate is the only comprehensive course widely available, covering the application of the Machinery Directive and EN Standards in relation to gate and barrier automation.

Find out more about the certificate or if you’re ready, book online.

For Electric Gate Customers

CAMESAFE installers have verifiable evidence of their safe installation competency to help provide you with real confidence when choosing your automation installer. If you’re interested, why not have a look at the overview of the course?

Want to arrange for a CAMESAFE installer to visit your property? Search online now for a local CAMESAFE Installer or check the credentials of a CAMESAFE Installer you already know.

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